Your Trip Pro – Traveler tip

As pretty much everyone that knows me knows I travel quite a bit.  So I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks with you.

One of my favorites is that I have become my own travel agent.  Rather than giving the commissions off of my own travel to others.  I have my own travel web site. The prices on my site are usually cheaper than travelocity, sometimes only by a few dollars, but the commission comes to me.

So for you I offer possibly cheaper prices for your travel.  If my price is the same or less than other sites please consider booking your travel with me.

Or if you travel a lot, or have lots of friends that travel, you too can become a travel agent.  If you would like information please feel free to contact me or check out this link for more details.


Lets start with Passwords… we all have ’em… we all need ’em… and they are out of control!  My preference for storing all of those passwords is a free little program from CounterPane called Password Safe.  It allows you to store all of your passwords in one safe, encrypted, location.  You must remember one password in order to access the safe, but once you are in you have all of your passwords nicely listed and arranged.  It also has the very nice feature of creating random passwords for you to increase the general strength of your passwords.

When you need to log into something simply open password safe, scroll down until you locate the one you need, double click on it and now you can simply paste it into the password box in your application.  Memory is cleared so it will not remain there for some nefarious thief to steal later.

Very very useful!  Cudos to CounterPane for making this and making it available to the general public for free.

You can download from here: