P90X Day 9-12

I know know I can do this.  I know that I can go 90 days.  I know that this will make an awesome difference.  I am starting to see a difference and I did not think that was remotely possible after 12 days.  It feels like I am finally winning the battle against my stress weight.  I know what I look like does not fully reflect my health.  As the holidays approached last fall my stress level went through the roof and my body responded.  It responded with that age old response of storing extra fat for the upcoming tough times.

For my stress I am making progress there as well.  The buyers for my home did their home inspections today.  My fingers are crossed that they did not find anything major to stop the imminent signing. I have also knocked out a couple more major bills that my ex left me with and that brings me to April where I will have a financial break, at least for a week or so.  That means that I can finally pay my lawyer to go after my ex within the legal system. I still don’t understand how he lives with himself, but that is a topic for another day.  Today my stress is slowing going down. Today is about me and my health.

I worked hard this week and my favorite workout is tomorrow, Kempo, it is almost like it is my reward for this week.  I am really looking forward to it.

At the same time I wonder if I worked as hard as I could have.  I am sore, but not near as sore as I was during/after my first week.  I added in my recovery drink after my workouts.  Seriously? Does it make such a big difference? I am suspicious that it does 😉  I will just take Tony’s advice: Do your best and forget the rest.  I will just keep brining myself back and pushing play into my next workout.




P90X Day 6-8

Whew.  The beginning of week two.  First I just want to say I LOVE Kempo.  That was an awesome workout.  I was also so incredibly thrilled to reach ‘rest day’.  It helped a lot to give the body a short break before working some more.

Today was day 8.  Back to chest and back workout and what I did last Monday.  It seemed easier.  I think a lot of it was mental.  Knowing that I had made it through the whole week and was still standing to talk about it made it so much easier to begin this week.  I know I worked hard.  I can already feel the effects of the workout on my upper body.

Plyometrics tomorrow.  That thing just scares me, but I will put the DVD in tomorrow after work and push play.  I will take it minute by minute if I have to.  But push play I shall!

Must hit the sack and get some sleep.  This is going to be an interesting week.  I am working about 12 hour days, then doing P90x in the evening.  Wow.  I will just keep bringing myself back and pushing play!

P90X Days 4-5

Day 4 – YogaX  This was tough.  The first 1/2 hour was really grueling.  The 2nd 1/2 hour was very tough.  But the last 1/2 hour was full of really good stretches.  I definitely have lots of room to grow in my yoga.  There were a couple of things that I could not do at all like crane and plow.  I tried, but got no where.  Lots of good challenges will continue into the future with this.  The strangest feelings later in the evening though.  It is completely bizarre.  After 4 tough workout days and after viewing so many before and after pictures, I am simply sure that this is not going to really work for me.  It works for others.  It will be good for my body, but it is not going to leave me looking any different than now.  I know this is nonsensical, but it is how I feel anyways.   I will push play on Day 5 anyways.  I will keep going anyways.  I am just hoping that I am wrong about the impact this workout will have on my body.

Day 5 – Legs and Back. I woke up today sore (no surprise).  What was interesting is I was feeling muscles in my back that I dont remember the last time I felt.  And then legs and back today with abs.  By the end I was so tired.   I got together with a bunch of friends tonight and many thought I had been drinking cause I was so tired.  It is time for some sleep now.  I am now looking forward to ‘rest day’.  I dont see how this wont have a good impact on my body.  I dont know what I will look like, I dont know what it will be like to finish this.    But I will keep going.  It is part of why I am blogging about it, updating my facebook, tweeting about it and telling my friends that I am doing P90x.  Makes it harder to quit.  Too many people know I have committed to 90 days.  I will keep going, but for now… I sleep.  Goodnight

P90X and my road to a healthy body

I have always been very athletic.  I swam competitively from 8-18 years old.  I ran track through Jr. High and High school (long jump, triple jump, shotput, discus, sprints and hurdles).  In college it was my time in uniform and that had its own special demands.  It may not sound too athletic, but I was in the marching band all of high school and 3 years of college as well.  I have ridden my bicycle from Minneapolis to Chicago and then from Fairbanks to Anchorage.  and on and on …

But I have also injured myself pretty badly over the years.  Not broken bones, but injured joints.  I have sporadic pain in my hands (college pranks and years of cutting fish), my right shoulder (shot put), my back (working in the fish market), my right hip (thrown from my thoroughbred), my knees (childhood illness), my shins (running), my heels (bone spurs), my toes (bunions).

The pain in my back over the year of 2006 was finally at the point of unmanageable.  I was sure that I would need surgery but I found out a magical advance that occurred because we send people into space in a weightless environment.  So I was stretched.  I am an inch taller than I ever was before and my back pain is very manageable.

Now to rebuild.  I have been working over the last year to build my core muscles back up and I am starting to really feel a difference.

But the stress in my life has also taken a toll.  I was so stressed in 2007 that I lost A LOT of weight.  And very stressed in 2008 so the weight went back on.  I must admit I never really understood how stress could affect your body, but I am really starting to.

So to get myself really motivated I registered for the Red Ribbon Ride in Minneapolis this summer.  It is shorter than my other two bike rides, but I really want to be in excellent form for this one.

I have finally ramped up my training to P90X.  I tried this about a year ago and it really kicked my butt.  I dont think I even made it through the second day.  So this time I must admit I was very afraid of starting it, but start I have.

So here goes my journey for the next 90 days.  I would love to have you come along with me.

I am on Day 3, but here is what I remember of Day 1 and 2.
Day 1: Absolute fear of starting.  I have decided Sundays are my rest days as I am usually on travel on Sundays, so that means I had to start on a Monday.  I am afraid I won’t finish.  I am afraid of staying in the shape I am in currently.  I am afraid of not loosing this extra weight.  So I put the DVD in my computer and I pushed play.  I finished the work out. YEAH!

Day 2: I woke up sore.  Not too bad, but feeling the affects of Mondays workout.  And more afraid to put in the second DVD since I did not make it through this one before.  so I put the DVD in my computer and I pushed play.  It was tough.  I took a couple of extra little breaks, but I FINISHED the work out.  I even called my sister at 9:30 at night and told her how very tired I was.  Since I normally don’t make it to bed before midnight and most of this year it has been between 3-4 AM I was quite surprised.

Day 3: I woke up even more sore.  More body parts stiff and tight and complaining about my requests to move and get out of bed.  Today it was really my thighs.  Since Day 2 was Plyometrics (jump training) and Tony Horton kept calling it the mother of all workouts I was hopeful that today would be a little easier to get through.  Upper body – shoulders and arms – I like working that.  I have a lot of upper body strength!  So I am going to be sore tomorrow.  It is even a little tough to type right now.  I did good today though, I put the DVD in and pushed play.  One rep at a time and I finished the workout.

I think if I take it one rep at a time, one day at a time, one push play at a time, I will get through.  From what I have seen in 3 days – it will be worth it.

To paraphrase Heidegger – German philosipher

Are you willing to give up all you have become for the possibility of what may be?
Martin Heidegger