P90X Day 6-8

Whew.  The beginning of week two.  First I just want to say I LOVE Kempo.  That was an awesome workout.  I was also so incredibly thrilled to reach ‘rest day’.  It helped a lot to give the body a short break before working some more.

Today was day 8.  Back to chest and back workout and what I did last Monday.  It seemed easier.  I think a lot of it was mental.  Knowing that I had made it through the whole week and was still standing to talk about it made it so much easier to begin this week.  I know I worked hard.  I can already feel the effects of the workout on my upper body.

Plyometrics tomorrow.  That thing just scares me, but I will put the DVD in tomorrow after work and push play.  I will take it minute by minute if I have to.  But push play I shall!

Must hit the sack and get some sleep.  This is going to be an interesting week.  I am working about 12 hour days, then doing P90x in the evening.  Wow.  I will just keep bringing myself back and pushing play!

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