Its been a while….

It has.  It has been a while since I posted anything. I have gone almost silent on line.  I have my reasons, but mostly just fear of upsetting someone else.  I keep upsetting people around me, and I have to admit I am a bit baffled.  I have not upset anyone by way of yelling, being mean, denigrating, etc., nor does it even seem to need me to open my mouth. 

The year started so incredibly well.  I finally live in Virginia again.  I have been trying to get back home for 4 years.  I was unable to get insurance in Virginia due to my MS and my coverage in Florida would be dropped if I moved.  January 1st it happened.  Thanks to Obamacare.  I am home.  It was one of the best things ….

Then back into the classroom I went, and upsetting people.

The conclusion I am currently at is this.  I have been wanting to change my life for a long time so that I am not on the road so very much.  I think the universe is simply screaming at me that it is time.  Time for that change.  No more excuses.  No more “trying”.  Change will happen.  What change you ask?  That I do not know, but change I must.

A quote I have on my desktop is “Are you willing to give up all you have become for the possibility of what may be” – Martin Heidiger.  To that I say yes – through the eye of the needle I go…

There is not much I have ever wanted to do, except teach. So as I ponder what that means now on this very snowy March day in northern Virginia I will quilt.  Mom passed Sept 29th of last year and she left a quilt top for my sweet little niece.  I promised I would finish it by Christmas and I am now late although I am nearly finished!