Welcome to my website and blog.  A little about myself…

I spend, well before Covid, most of my time traveling around the world (mostly US and Europe) talking about Information Security.  Most of the classes I teach these days are CISSP review courses, although I currently also teach CCSP, SSCP, and Security +.  I have my own company with a couple of great partners (www.tacticalsecurityinc.com).  Although training and education is my passion I occasionally join the others in pen tests or the like. Now I write 😉 Find me on Amazon — Just search for Gwen Bettwy!

You can also find me at:





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  1. Hi Gwen, I have you as a friend on facebook, but never really get on and talk to anyone. Just don’t do the computer alot. For fun my husband and I were looking up some things tonight and one thing led to another and we googled bettwy and found you. I just wanted to share our thoughts for you when we read of your M.S. you see our oldest daughter Jennifer also was diagniosed with it when she was 26. I know she also has you as a friend on facebook. I woulf be interested to know how we are related. Who your parents are. My husband is Jim Bettwy. best of luck to you and our prayers are whith you in you fight aganst M.S. l

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