Whether you agree that this should be legally punished or not is not the issue for this moment.  The issue right now is that your teen could end up in trouble with the law.

Talk to your teens now.  Know what your teen is using their cell phone for now.

There is a growing trend with teens taking partially nude or nude photos of themselves with their cell phone and then sending them to others (boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.)  This is Child Pornography.  Child Pornography laws were probably not conceived with the idea of prosecuting the children, but their pictures are covered by the Child Pornography laws.

As a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent you have the additional concern of your children sending partially nude or nude pics of themselves.  My guess is you don’t want them engaging in that activity.  Do you know what they are sending?  This is not likely to be something that the average teen would admit to the adults in their life.  If you dont know find out.  If they wont tell you be the parent and find out.

There is a reasonably priced device, and I am sure others exist out there other than this one, for viewing what is on the SIM card of their phone, which includes the deleted pictures and text messages which are not visible from the phone itself.    The Cell Phone Spy.

Whether you choose to spy on your childrens phones or not is your choice.  I simply recommend that you FIND OUT what they are doing with their phones before they get into more trouble than they can imagine.