Our New President

Growing up in the DC area produces one of two types of people, best I can figure.  You either love politics, or hate it.  Personally I have been a part of the latter for my entire life, until now.  I was priviledge to be out of this coutry when we elected our new president (I did vote early though).  It was a special gift to be able to feel what others outside of this country felt about Obama and it was a good thing.  The US has many enemies, many that do not like us, and many that are agravated as to how we have impacted the world over the last many years.  Obama seems to bring a ray of hope to so many that the US will once again become a nation that positively impacts the world.

It has also been interesting to watch this election within the US.  I have friends who love and support Obama, and friends that seem to despise him.

I am sure of one thing though.  Even though all may not agree with his personal opinions on some topics he has brought a feeling of joy and hope to the world that has not existed in a long time.  I firmly believe that the president alone cannot repair our nation or take it to a higher level.  It is only when individuals are involved and believe that something more is possible, that something more can happen.  This election and inauguration have brought so many together, I hope and pray that we can continue to build on this feeling.

There is so much talk about a black man finally being the president, and I agree that is a wonderful thing.  But strangely I do not seem him as black.  He is just as much a white man as he is a black man.  His skin is simply a little darker in color.  And I beleive that somewhere in his upbringing his parents raised him to understand that he fits squarely among both sides of our population.  It is through him that the sides can disappear and we can just simply exist as Americans.

I was recently teaching in Germany and the feeling of disgrace over what Hitler did was almost palpable.  It is almost the same here in the US with our white history of slavery over the black population.  If we can rise beyond this, I believe we are a ray of hope for other nations that they too can heal their wounds.

Men and women will continue to fight and argue around the world.  That is unfortunatley part of the nature of being human.  But it is possible for us to agree to disagree on topics so that we can live in a peacful world.

May our new president show the world a way to accomplish that through his words and, more importantly, his actions.