Surprise trip to South Africa

While I was teaching in the UK for 1.5 weeks I found out that I was heading to South Africa.  I ended up with just over a week there and had the fun of going to see Cheetahs and Lions!


The first place I went was the De Wildt Cheetah Center.  It was amazing to get to pet a cheetah.  Softer than I expected!

Ann Van Dyk has spent a good portion of her life bringing Cheetahs back from the edge of extinction.  They are such amazing and FAST animals.

I was also amazed to learn that the African Wild Dog is nearing extinction as well. They have this crazy chirpy bark when they are hunting. I just keep wondering why they do not have a better name than just wild dog.  Like big ear, or fluffy white tail, or chirpy dog… ? IMG_0083

The Cheetah really is a beautiful cat!


After the De Wildt Cheetah Center a trip to Ukutula was perfect. If I remember correctly Ukutula means quiet place in Zuni It was amazing to get to hold baby lions!

IMG_0140These lions were about 4 weeks old.  We then got to play with 2-3 month old.  Then pet 5-6 month old as well as go for a walk with 1 year old!


The 2-3 month old lions really enjoyed chewing on my shoes!

What an amazing trip especially since I did not know that my trip to the UK would send me on to SA!